From Motley Crue to Cyndi Lauper, there have been a ton of fantastic celebrity cameos on TV’s Bones, over the years. Here are the 10 best cameos.

Like many network TV shows, Bones was no stranger to celebrity cameos. Celebrity cameos happen for myriad reasons – perhaps the most obvious being marketing and word-of-mouth. People who otherwise don’t watch a certain show learn that a popular celebrity will be appearing on it and tune in, and suddenly the show has garnered millions of more viewers, with the hopes that some of them stick around after the celebrity is gone.

Celebrity cameos often range in quality, with some genuinely part of a good story and others tending to phone in the performance for a paycheck. These are the greatest cameos found on Bones.

Cyndi Lauper may be the last person one would expect to find on Bones. The singer has enjoyed a long career in music, with her early ’80s albums She’s So Unusual and True Colors going multi-platinum.

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