While there has been a lot about this past year most of us would rather forget, one of the good things to come out of it was the newfound appreciation for what we have around us.

For those of us lucky to have any form of outdoor space at home, we have spent more time in it than ever, and as lockdown begins to ease and we can get together with friends and family in these spaces once again, making it the best it can be has never been more important.

As ever, tech companies are right on hand with gadgets to help us get our gardens and outdoor spaces working smarter and looking better. We love cool gadgets, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourites here to give you some inspiration.

From gardening tools, like robot lawnmowers and smart sprinkler systems to gadgets that simply make our gardens more enjoyable places to be, such as smart speakers and al-fresco cooking kits, our pick of the best garden tech you can buy will help you to get prepared for those post-lockdown garden parties now.

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