Group A and B joined together for the special Super 8 episode Wednesday night. It was also a double elimination night. Adding to the excitement, actress, producer, and singer Rita Wilson joined us this episode as a guest panelist.

Every week there has been a clue the host brings us at home and the panel judges. This week, we got a food delivery clue, showcasing the celebrity’s favorite food.

Let’s jump right in:

The Piglet
Clues: Life hasn’t always been smooth sailing, gave up on his dreams, moved back with his family, he broke his finger. He received A sign from a pastor who had a vision ( direct sign from God), he packed up and went to L.A., and has a strong faith. There was also a UFO.

Song: “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters
Food Delivery Clue: Cotton Candy- this classic sweet treat reminds him of his very first job.

Jenny guessed Lance Bass. Ken guessed Chris Pine or Adam Levine. Rita guessed Nick Jonas and Eli or Peyton Manning.

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