State Treasurer Kimberly Yee on Monday became the first major Republican to jump into the race for Arizona governor, followed hours later by GOP developer Karrin Taylor Robson.

Yee announced her plans in a social media video. She introduces herself as the descendent of immigrants who opened a grocery store in the 1930s and praises former President Donald Trump’s border and economic policies. She pledges to tackle border security and oppose socialist policies, which she says have damaged California, where she used to live.

“Our way of life is under attack by the corrupt press, reckless corporate leaders and politicians who put socialist ideals over people, our freedom of speech and our elections,” Yee says in the video.

Robson, who serves on the Arizona Board of Regents, also made her announcement via video, although it was less heavy on policy and personal background. She said she’s a lifelong conservative Republican.

“In just a few months, we’ve seen the direction Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to take this country, and as Arizonans, we need to fight back,” Robson said. “We going to fight for Arizona values” and vowed to “fight the “radical Biden-Harris agenda.”