Alliance for a Better Utah is taking aim at two Utah state senators and a large national political action group.

The complaint, which was filed by Alliance for a Better Utah and the Center for Media and Democracy, centers on a type of campaign software provided to member legislators by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The complaint alleges Utah Senate President Stuart Adams (R-Layton) and Sen. Lincoln Fillmore (R-South Jordan) should have reported the software as an in-kind contribution but didn’t.

But the two senators deny even using it. Even the complaint acknowledges those filing it “do not possess sufficient information to determine if [Adams and Fillmore] used it for their campaigns.”

“The complaint is a copy-paste and is being used in various states across the country,” said Utah Senate chief of staff Mark Thomas in a statement to 2News.

The complaint was filed the week of ALEC’s annual meeting, which is taking place in Salt Lake City this year.

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