A legal mechanism or constitutional provision that would, somehow, enable Trump to reenter the White House as president does not exist. Nearly a third (30%) of Republican voters believe that it is “likely” that Donald Trump will retake the Oval Office and be reinstated as President of the United States, a new poll has found, according to The Hill.

The poll still showed a vast majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents thinking it would be unlikely for Trump to return to office. However, 13% of Democrats agree with the nearly one third of Republicans that a Trump return in 2022 is “likely,” as do over a quarter (26%) of independents.

The survey, which was taken from June 17 to June 18, follows reports from earlier this month that Trump himself has been telling people that he would be reinstated by August, citing his claims – all of which were found to be baseless – that the 2020 election was “stolen” from him, The Hill reported.

But regardless of what people believe, Trump becoming president in 2022 is, in fact, next to impossible regardless of the circumstances. The electoral victory of Joe Biden was certified and the line of presidential succession established in the US Constitution already dictates exactly who would take over should something happen to him.