Politics, baseball and the movies. The three topics merge on this week’s episode of 4Star Politics.

Former Kansas Congressman and Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman joins FOX4’s John Holt and Kansas City Star Editorial Board member Dave Helling to talk about his political past, compromising on Capitol Hill and his new book Laughing at Myself.

Glickman said he started his public career with a seat on the Wichita School Board. Then the Democrat ran for congress. After losing his congressional seat in 1994, President Clinton nominated him to be his Secretary of Agriculture. Glickman credits Republican, and former Kansas Senator, Bob Dole for the job.

“Those were the days when Democrats and Republicans could still get along and talk to each other. It’s hard to believe he [Dole] was the guy who pushed my nomination through,” Glickman said.

Glickman credits humor with his success in all aspects of his life. He said it’s something he learned from his parents.
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