If there is one side dish that dominates the summer, it’s corn. As much as we love it eating it, finding ways to make it new and unique can be both stressful and difficult. Ina Garten is our go-to for innovative summer recipes that’ll seriously please a crowd. Some of our favorites include her French Potato Salad, Ribs, and Tuscan Lemon Chicken. Corn is another dish that Garten seems to have mastered. In fact, she has five delicious recipes that we couldn’t resist sharing with you. Now, you’ll have five go-to’s that’ll spice up your next family barbeque.

Chipotle Parmesan Sweet Corn
This dish is perfect for any corn lover who enjoys cheesy foods with sweet heat. We love that she adds freshly squeezed lime to this dish, making it an awesome addition to any summer meal, especially tex-mex food. Grab the recipe If you’re looking for a corn recipe that’s light and bright, then this is the one for you. It has fresh basil and tangy cider vinegar and crunchy red onions. We think it pairs great with fresh barbeque. This is also a beginner-level recipe making it perfect for anyone who’s a novice when it comes to cooking. Grab the recipe here.

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