It was a short week thanks to the July 4th holiday, but that didn’t stop the new tech gadgets from rolling out. From a Nintendo announcing an upcoming Switch console to DJI’s latest handheld gimbal — here’s what you need to know.

Nintendo announced that will be releasing a new Switch console on October 8. It’s not the Switch Pro that many fans were hoping for, unfortunately, as it’s not going to output 4K when docked to a 4K TV. Instead, the new Switch is going be the first with an OLED display, so its picture should be a little better (specifically, it should produce deeper blacks and have better contrast). It’s expected to have better speakers and a more adjustable kickstand. Other than that, the OLED model will be the same as regular Switch — just $50 more expensive.

This is a first-of-its-kind of docking station. It has seven USB-A ports, all of which can charge and transfer data (up to 5Gbps) at the same time. It comes with USB-A (3.0) and USB-C adapter cable, too, so it can work with a newer USB-C laptop or older laptop with a USB-A connection. And its stackable design means you can add two (or three) in case you (or a classroom) need to charge a bunch of devices simultaneously.

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