Business transformation efforts can be a complex undertaking under the best of circumstances. During times of uncertainty, some things can make business transformation more tricky.

Business transformation initiatives are time-consuming and involve stakeholders across your entire organization. On the surface, it may not seem all-encompassing. Still, once these projects are initiated, virtually every employee, leader, vendor or customer in and outside of your organization will likely become a stakeholder. They will impact transformation efforts or be impacted by these efforts. This can become more complex and involved depending on how your organization addresses these five things.

1. Leadership views on change

Transformation can be a proactive process or it can result from urgent changes required when a crisis hits, such as COVID-19. Either way, how your leadership team views the need or urgency for change can be a game-changer. If leaders view business transformation efforts as something that can wait until current projects or initiatives are complete, then a successful path to true transformation may become fleeting. Recognizing the need for change, especially during times of increased uncertainty, is prudent. At the very least, leaders turn over every stone to determine how uncertainty and changes to internal and external environments might affect current and future goals.

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