He’s the chief executive of Tesla and the recent host of Saturday Night Live. How do successful people like Elon Musk manage to do it all? OnDeck, the global online small business lending company, recently analyzed the work habits of forty prominent business leaders to see how they achieve superhuman feats without burning out. Could looking at their routines help us juggle our own daily tasks?

Here are five work habits of the world’s most successful people that will change the way you approach your day.

Work habit #1: Strategically multitask

Whenever possible, Elon Musk combines several tasks in a productivity hack known as batching. While studies have suggested that multitasking is generally less efficient than single-tasking, there is another option. It involves dedicating blocks of time to similar tasks to decrease distraction and increase productivity. Every time we get interrupted, it takes an average of 15 minutes to regain focus. Batching minimizes the amount of distraction that’s placed on our increasingly connected lives.

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