Right now we are all stuck inside our homes again and the pandemic is raging on. If you or anyone in your family is feeling unwell, it is best to consult a doctor straight away. Given that currently, the medical system in our country is terribly under pressure, it’s helpful to keep tabs on yourself and on your loved ones’ health so as you can help the doctors with some information if and when you need to consult them. Also, with most consultations happening virtually, if you are able to collect some readings on your own, it helps in the process and the diagnosis.

Now, most houses have a basic thermometer, but there are some other medical gadgets you can get that can help you keep a tab on things. Fortunately, some of these gadgets are not very expensive and can be procured online without too much trouble. The kind of gadgets suggested in this article are those that help you check vitals like blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, etc and are all non-intrusive. You can use them very easily at home and share the readings with the doctor if needed.

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