This was a big week if you own an Apple Watch and subscribe to either Spotify or Tidal. Why? Because you can finally download music and podcasts to your Apple Watch for offline listening. In other tech news, Apple changed its mind and now says that its HomePod and HomePod mini will be able to play lossless audio. There’s a new USB standard that’s going to charge your gadgets hella-fast. And Lebron seems to have worn Beats’s new wireless earbuds that haven’t been announced yet.

There were a lot of new gadgets announced this past week, too. We’ve rounded them up below.

Released in 2018, Anker’s Nano wall adapters were the first to feature GaN (gallium nitride), a material that is significantly more energy-efficient and space-efficient than silicon, which allowed the wall adapters to be smaller, lighter and still really powerful. Three years later, Anker has released a line of Nano II wall adapters featuring GaN II, a next-generation material that helps the wall adapters be even more energy efficient and better regulate its temperature. Basically, Anker’s new wall adapters are still tiny, but even more powerful.

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