Georgia infrastructure funding $73M where it's going |

A fresh round of federal infrastructure funding from the Biden administration’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will bring $73 million to Georgia.

Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath announced the new round of infrastructure money headed the way of the Peach State on Wednesday. She said it would “bring much-needed investments to Georgia and provide economic growth and job opportunities to our state.”

The congresswoman’s office said the funding – $73,664,000 to be exact – would go into a “wide range of infrastructure projects through the Army Corps of Engineers.”

That will enable improvements to Georgia infrastructure around the state’s lakes, dams, harbors and other resources.

“By funding these projects, we are improving the health and wellbeing of our communities, strengthening our supply chains, and growing our economy to stay competitive in America and around the globe,” McBath said.

Here are some of the projects the money will go towards. You can also scroll through the full federal funding list for projects here and here.