If the stylish and swashbuckling soccer romantic Giovanni Agnelli represented the epitome of club presidents a few generations ago, his nephew Andrea Agnelli’s affinity for the cut-throat business side of the sport falls more in line with the American and foreign owners who are gobbling up the European game.

Considered by many the mastermind behind the breakaway Super League that is dividing soccer, Andrea Agnelli is gaining a reputation for his boardroom backstabbing.

“A snake,” was the way an angry UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin labeled Agnelli on Monday. “I have never seen a person lie so many times and so persistently as he did.”

The breakaway announcement came a day before a UEFA executive committee meeting was to decide on revisions to the Champions League proposed by the European Club Association guided by Agnelli, who is also the Juventus president.

But Agnelli slithered away with 11 other clubs to announce the Super League and then resigned from the ECA.

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