A Tampa General Hospital oncologist takes holistic approach to treating breast cancer

Oncologist Dr. Jamie McKenzie is well-versed in treating breast cancer, but she says battling cancer cells is only part of her job at Tampa General Hospital. McKenzie, who joined the hospital’s TGH Cancer Institute last summer, talks about her holistic approach to the disease.

Life During Treatment: “I’m often treating women who are younger and are moms and working moms who are juggling a lot of different aspects of life, in addition to the cancer, and those things don’t stop after a cancer diagnosis.

So I think it’s crucial to meet them where they are and not just give them an excellent outcome. Thankfully, we’re doing better and better every year in treating breast cancer, but we also have to help them continue on with their lives during treatment.”

Efficient Care: “My goal for breast cancer patients is that they kind of flow through the system as seamlessly as possible. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a cancer diagnosis, especially breast cancer, where patients are meeting a number of new faces and clinicians, from the surgeon to myself to the radiation oncologist and countless others.

Ideally, the patient will meet with all of us at the same time, rather than having to take time out of their day, day after day, strung out over weeks and months. They should know right upfront what the big picture will be.”