It was Tuesday on the “Pat McAfee Show,” which meant another candid appearance from Aaron Rodgers.

Emphasis on candid.

Asked by a producer whether he notices a particular person commenting about the Green Bay Packers quarterback and his effort, Rodgers did not hold back.

“It’s absolute (expletive) to give people a platform who have no idea what they’re talking about as far as my mental state and my focus, my work habits – people who are not in my life or I’ve not had communication with them or not in the locker room,” Rodgers said. “That’s just (expletive). It’s so ridiculous that people can get a platform to do this.”

Rodgers then noted the media’s propensity for “clicks and hits and views” and that the most “outlandish” opinions are the ones that receive attention.

“I’m always going to give a reminder, ‘Listen to the source on some of these things.’ It’s often the same people, in the same tired rhetoric,” Rodgers said. “I was just surprised after Week 1 there was such a story out there.

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