This week Abilene City Council members will be reviewing several financial items and will be discussing the possible Entertainment District, which would allow open alcohol containers in the downtown area.

First, members will look at the budget for the Abilene Convention Center Hotel Development Corporation.

Assistant City Manager Michael Rice says their budget is zero dollars in, zero dollars out.

Rice says they will be proposing two key changes to their bylaws.

“Number one, it identifies the city manager as the CEO, and the second one is, it removes a 90 day for the annual budget approval process,” said Rice.

This would allow City Manager Robert Hanna to make small decisions without needing to go to council for approval, and removal of the 90 days would allow them to be compliant with approving the budget, since they missed the October deadline.

The council will also be looking to approve the Other Victim Assistant Grant program, a state funded 2-year grant for the Abilene Police Department totaling $90,000 to fund the Child Advocacy Center’s position.

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