David Adkin, Adalo Co-Founder & CEO, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss on the company’s latest funding, growth outlook, and making app development more accessible.

Video Transcript
– Well, our next guest says that people would. We’re joined now by David Adkin, co-founder and CEO of the no-code builder Adalo for our Road to Recovery segment sponsored by Wells Fargo. So David, you and I were just chatting briefly in the break. And I had mentioned that I have many, many, many app ideas that I have wanted to make and can’t. Because I don’t know how to code. And I’m glad to know that there is a service out there now, or a website that I can go to, to do just that. I’m curious to know, how many more apps or websites do you think would be out there if coding was an accessible skill for everyone?

DAVID ADKIN: Yeah, I mean, we’re talking, today, about only 0.3% of the world knows how to code. So you know, it’s over 7 billion people that can’t create apps today. So it’s a lot of ideas out there. And we’re seeing that across every types of industries, everyone from, you know, non-technical entrepreneurs that have some budding idea for some billion-dollar business that they want to start to alsoyou know, all the local businesses all across, you know, the nation and the world, really, that now are able to create, you know, apps on their own, even all the way up to

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