Aerion Supersonic, the Florida-based supersonic business jet developer, has called it quits and is shutting down. The would-be maker of quiet supersonic business aircraft said it had trouble securing funding in the “current financial environment” and was going through the “appropriate steps”.

The company had planned to build what it called the AS2 supersonic business jet meant to cruise at speeds over 1,000mph without the sonic booms and cabin noise that plagued aircraft like the Concorde. It was supposed to fly by 2024 and enter service by 2026. Aerion had a number of high-profile partners, including Boeing and GE. Aerion didn’t say what would happen to the company’s assets following the shutdown. The company had been touting new developments as recently as late April. Avion Pacific was set to be the launch customer for the AS2 in Asia-Pacific, having placed an order for three aircraft in December 2019.

This isn’t the end to private supersonic air travel. Boom Supersonic is still developing its Overture airliner with hopes of passenger flights by 2029.

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