Organizations representing airlines and workers sent letters to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday urging stricter enforcement and consequences for violent passengers after a year of increased incidents.

Together, corporations and their workers are requesting the Department of Justice and Federal Aviation Administration push for “public prosecution” of passengers who act violently onboard flights. The letter was sent by 10 different organizations, including Airlines for America, Allied Pilots Association, Transport Workers Union of America, and Association of Professional Flight Attendants.

“Specifically, the federal government should send a strong and consistent message through criminal enforcement that compliance with federal law and upholding aviation safety are of paramount importance,” the letter said.

They later added that the enforcement should be “consistent and vigorous” by sending egregious cases to federal prosecutors.

A separate letter was sent from Airlines for America to FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, thanking him for his commitment to inflight safety but also urging the agency to push for more strict punishments. Though the FAA has pushed for a “zero tolerance” policy for unruly passengers, it appeared many passengers have still not gotten the message, the organization wrote.

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