Alaskans have an innate sense of pride for our state: the sheer beauty, diversity of resources, and fantastic quality of life give us a lot to be proud of. There’s perhaps no more important responsibility we have than ensuring our state remains a beacon bright for our children and grandchildren to prosper.

The best way to allow for this? Changing the incentives our elected lawmakers face at the state and national levels, so they can focus on what’s in the best interest of all Alaskans, and find lasting solutions to the unique challenges our communities face.

However, our election system doesn’t always yield these incentives: Far too often, partisanship and the fear of being “primaried” stands in the way of meaningful, bipartisan compromise.

Throughout my career in the Alaska Legislature — where I served in the House from 2001-2007, and in the Senate from 2007-2017 — I watched thoughtful, common-sense, moderate Republicans lose in primary elections.

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