The Alaska Senate is considering a bill that would limit the participation of transgender kids in school sports. The bill is similar to those advanced in states with Republican-controlled legislatures and signed into law by Republican governors.

But the bipartisan House majority coalition will likely block the bill even if it passes the Senate, said House Education co-chair Rep. Harriet Drummond, D-Anchorage, in an interview on Thursday.

“It will probably stay in the drawer and not be heard,” Drummond said. “We’re trying to make things easier for schools, not harder.”

Bill sponsor Sen. Shelley Hughes, R-Palmer, says the bill would ensure the playing field remains even for female athletes in the state, though she could not cite any examples of dominant transgender athletes in Alaska.

Several high-profile transgender women athletes have garnered attention for podium and record-worthy performances, but some say those are the exception to the rule; many other transgender athletes participate in sports without overshadowing competitors who are cisgender, meaning their gender identity matches the one they were assigned at birth.

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