Worldwide, Amazon has bet big on its Prime Video streaming service despite competition getting tighter because of the launch of new video streaming services such as Disney+. As we stand right now, though, Amazon still holds a significant amount of users and bets big on exclusive content as well. An Amazon Prime membership gives you access to Amazon Prime Video, while a standalone subscription is also available and costs a little bit less. But not everyone can afford to pay a subscription. In the United States, there’s IMDb TV, an ad-supported streaming service for watching movies and series. Now, Amazon is launching yet another one, specifically for India, called MiniTV.

MiniTV will be accessible directly from the Amazon India app and will initially focus on web series, comedy shows, and content related to tech news, food, beauty, and fashion, according to Amazon. Everything will be geared exclusively towards the Indian market. Some of the currently available titles were created by TVF and Pocket Aces, two of India’s largest web studios, or provided by Indian comedians.

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