A new survey says that more than two-thirds of Americans support Joe Biden’s $2.2 trillion infrastructure spending plan – and his proposal to tax corporations to pay for it.

President Joe Biden has plans to spend pots and pots of money. And Americans overwhelmingly are OK with that, according to a Monmouth University poll released Monday.

The survey found that 68% of Americans support Biden’s $2.2 trillion infrastructure and jobs proposal – a plan that defines “infrastructure far beyond roads and bridges, adding in things like eliminating lead water pipes, help for caregivers and money for community colleges and child care. Less than a third – 29% – of the public opposes the idea.

Biden’s yet-to-be-revealed “American Families Plan” is expected to cost about $1.8 trillion and addresses such issues as national child care, paid family leave and tuition-free community college. That plan, expected to be rolled out ahead of the president’s first joint speech to Congress Wednesday night, is backed by 64% of adults, with 34% opposing it, Monmouth pollsters found.

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