Annex Gaming was welcomed into downtown Cheyenne less than three weeks ago. An extension of the Geek Garage, Annex Gaming is the first to bring an innovative gaming option to the Capitol City.

Annex Gaming offers 35 pre-downloaded games and house-made PCs for beginner or veteran gamers to take for a ride.

“We got a really good response from the community and people who were really interested in something like this being in Cheyenne. We are the only thing like this in almost a 100 mile radius; there is nothing like this in Fort Collins, nothing in Laramie, nothing even kind of like this in West Nebraska, so we are kind of the first to do it in this in this kind of market,” said Hayden Hassinger, Manager/Graphic Design Director of Annex Gaming.

The Annex is a hub for gamers, whether they are competing in a tournament or just socializing with like-minded friends. There are drinks available and several game pricing options for purchase. You can purchase by-the-hour or buy a pass.

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