Last month, a security researcher named Carl Schou found that if any iPhone user connects to a Wi-Fi network with the name “%p%s%s%s%s%n” then Wi-Fi may get disabled on the iPhone forever. It turns out that there are other Wi-Fi network names as well that can conk the Wi-Fi on your iPhone.

Another Wi-Fi name has been found  by the same security researcher and it is called “%secretclub%power”. If you come across any open Wi-Fi networks with this name, then do not connect as it can disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Even resetting network settings won’t help.

It could be possible that there may be other Wi-Fi network names that can kill Wi-Fi on iPhones. In general, Wi-Fi names s with characters like “%s”, “%n” and “%p” can trigger iPhones to disable Wi-Fi networks completely. So, if you use an iPhone, then do not connect to any Wi-Fi network that has got symbols in the name, especially “%”.

This is because the moment you select a WiFi connection with the name “%p” or “%s” or “%n”, your iPhone or iPad will stop connecting to WiFi altogether. Also, this bug affects AirDrop’s functioning. If you restart your iPhone, after connecting to this WiFi network, even then the problem continues to exist and your iPhone and iPad will lose the ability to connect to any WiFi network.