Giorgio Armani hinted at his succession plans on Monday as he staged his first live runway show since the pandemic, and following a fall that landed him the hospital for two weeks.

The 86-year-old designer has usually demurred from answering questions about the future of his fashion empire, but the issue seems to have pushed to the forefront after a bad fall that fractured his left humerus, requiring 17 stitches and hospitalization.

With a menswear show to prepare for, he relied on Pantaleo (Leo) Dell’Orco, who joined Armani in 1977 and heads menswear for all of Armani’s collections: Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange.

“With time, he has become more mature, and stubborn,’’ Armani quipped.

Citing Dell’Orco and his niece Silvana Armani, who fills the same roles for womenswear, Armani said, “I am preparing my future with the people around me,’’ he said.

Armani took his bow at the end of the show on the arm of Dell’Orco, who helped him down the stairs to the runway.