Grammy-nominated producer/DJ Audien is back with his latest single ‘Blue.’ With progressive house his go to genre, Audien has been able to establish himself within the electronic dance community for quite some time now. With the release of ‘Learn To Love Again’ only a month ago, the United States-based artist, has been making his move within the scene, releasing one fire track after the other!

Meaningful to say the least, this latest single reflects on the pain of saying goodbye, and in turn looks to provide the listener with the emotional understanding that is required in situations of such manner. Showcasing his immense capabilities at both producing and song-writing, Audien provides his listeners with an embrace of warm vocals, silky guitar licks and silver-lined melodies, all throughout ‘Blue.’ In turn, listeners are able to further give life to this track via their own unique experiences, whilst Audien himself has stated;

“‘Blue’ is beyond a special song to me. I was talking to my now-girlfriend on the phone, going through some amazing demos, and ‘Blue’, which was just a vocal over guitars, came through the speakers. She immediately told me “NATE.. that song..” and we fell in love with it. I like to think the song brought us together. When I finished producing it, she would blast it in the car and send me videos of her singing it.