a statue of Joe Biden in a suit and tie: President Joe Biden speaks about prescription drug prices and his "Build Back Better" agenda from the East Room of the White House, Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, in Washington.President Joe Biden is facing multiple August crises with Afghanistan on the verge of collapse, Covid-19 patients overwhelming hospitals in some states, persistent inflation concerns, an uncertain path forward for his sweeping infrastructure agenda and surging attempted border crossings.

It’s a far cry from the celebrations of July, where the White House sought to declare independence from the virus and Biden formally announced that US troops would fully withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31. How the President responds to this moment could be critical to his legacy, and — in the shorter term — his party’s hopes for the midterm elections.

August is a historically challenging month for the first year of any administration, a time when presidents often experience a decline in poll numbers. Biden is no exception, experiencing a slight dip in his approval rating, as questions bubble up over how Americans will perceive his handling of these issues in the coming months.

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