Bowling is a family friendly sport that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy; that’s why Avocation Therapy, a business offering home and community based recreational therapy, chose Grand Station for their first outing.

Alex Chizum stepped up to the bowling lane with his sister, Angelina, ready to bowl.

“He used to really struggle with it, and he used both of the ramp and the bumpers, and he couldn’t get in, but now he is doing really good and beat me by like 40 points,” Angelina Chizum said.

Alex, who has Autism, is on the special Olympics bowling team.

The pandemic prevented him from playing last year but not even the typical bowling environment was an opponent at this sensory friendly bowling event at Grand Station Entertainment.

“If you notice, he has his headphones on because he doesn’t like a lot of noise. He’s a little extra sensitive to everything around him,” Veronica Chizum, Alex’s mom said.

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