Bachelor Nation praises Katie Thurston for not taking any B.S. - LocalFobs

It was only the second episode of The Bachelorette Monday night, and Katie Thurston was already laying down the law with the men and nipping drama in the bud.

After finding out from Aaron that Cody, whom he knew from back home in San Diego, was only there for the fame, Katie immediately sent Cody packing.

“I had to send Cody home last night because I learned that his intentions weren’t to be here for me,” Katie told the men. “I do appreciate the honesty I have been given so far, and if there’s anything else I need to know, please know that I am a safe space and deserve to know what’s going on in the house. This is my actual life that we are experiencing. This is your actual life.” However, just when Katie and Bachelor Nation thought she was safe, another bombshell dropped, when Karl told Katie that there were multiple men in the house with ulterior motives, not just Cody.

The only problem with Karl’s accusation was that he refused to name names or give any examples to back himself up because, unbeknownst to Katie (though she was suspicious), Karl was totally stirring the pot as he emerged as this season’s first villain.