A new challenge. Bachelorette alum Ali Fedotowsky has finally figured out the reason she’s been feeling so exhausted lately and has a new treatment plan in place.

“I almost did not tell you guys this because, honestly, it feels like it has been one thing after another,” the Massachusetts native, 36, said in a video posted via her Instagram Stories on Sunday, June 13. “But I feel like I have to because everyone’s going to be like, ‘Why are you tired all the time?’ So I ended up going to the doctor, got a bunch of blood work done, testing everything under the sun.”

The former Bachelor star revealed that the test results showed she has anemia, a disorder that causes reduced oxygen flow to organs.

“After getting all this blood work done, it turns out I am super anemic, which I didn’t know,” Fedotowsky explained. “My ferritin levels, which is how your blood stores iron, are basically zero, so my doctor’s like, ‘Um, no wonder you’re exhausted all the time. Like, I’m surprised you’re out and about.”

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