Background Press Call by a Senior Administration Official on Ethiopia | The White House

Thank you very much.  And good afternoon, everyone.  And thank you for joining the NSC press call on Ethiopia.

As a reminder, this call will be on background, attributed to a “senior administration official,” and the contents are embargoed until the conclusion of the call.

For everyone’s awareness but not for reporting: Our speaker today is [senior administration official].

[Senior administration official], we’ll turn it over to you now.  And after your remarks, we’ll open it up for Q&A.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  Great.  Thanks very much, [moderator].  And thanks, everybody, for being on the call.

The crisis in Ethiopia has been very challenging for the United States from before this administration took office but certainly through the entirety of our tenure up until now.

It has a number of dimensions.  There’s obviously a humanitarian crisis that is particularly acute.

There’s also a security crisis that has regional implications, given the role and influence of outside states.  And here, I would note, particularly, the unhelpful role of Eritrea in this conflict.