At the Berkeley County Council meeting on Thursday morning, several projects moved forward. H.D. Boyd, president of the Roundhouse Authority, made a request for the match of grant funding from the county. The Roundhouse was awarded a grant recently from Federal Highway Administration.

Boyd said that the Roundhouse needs a 20% match of the funds awarded and has asked to split this between the Berkeley County Council and the City of Martinsburg. The original grant amount is $742,889 and of that, $594,311 was given. If the Berkeley County Council and the City of Martinsburg both contribute 10%, each entity would give $74,289, with a total of 20% equaling $148,578 to complete the grant.

“We have the bathrooms and the sprinkler system put in. That is all there and finished, but this would allow us to finish. The remaining steps of the process are the steps to the upstairs of the building, the elevator to the upstairs of the building and the concrete floors of the downstairs of the building,” Boyd said. “This would allow us to complete this building — minus two more factors — to open up seven days a week and be fully in business there.