The Biden administration is creating a task force to review the federal government’s scientific policies to ensure they are free from inappropriate political influence, as several top health officials under former President Donald Trump publicly admit they faced political pressure while doing their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy said in a letter to agencies on Monday that it will form an interagency task force to review federal government policies and make sure they “prevent improper political interference” from affecting research or data. The letter also says the task force aims to prevent “the suppression or distortion of scientific or technological findings.”

The letter says that President Joe Biden prioritizes supporting scientists and researchers as they do their work.

“OSTP’s Scientific Integrity Task Force will be taking a whole-of-government, forward-looking review of science across federal agencies, in part by examining practices that were antithetical to that mission over the last four years — including Trump-era policies that eschewed scientific integrity in favor of politics,” said Julia Krieger, a spokesperson for the White House science office.