President Biden’s two major economic agenda items hang in the balance this week as Democrats continue “intense discussions” on their $3.5 trillion spending plan and some Republicans are warning that their support for the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill could evaporate Democrats ‘linked’ it with reconciliation.

“It’s gotten completely off the rails,” Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan told Fox News. Hogan is a moderate who leads the group “No Labels,” which worked with moderate Republicans and Democrats to push for the infrastructure bill earlier this year. Hogan was one of its loudest boosters outside of Congress.

“We’ve worked for quite some time to negotiate a bipartisan infrastructure bill which did not include any of this additional spending. We’ve got the president to commit to it. We’ve got the Senate to pass it,” Hogan said. “And and then the House is now saying if we can’t jam through our three-and-a-half trillion dollars of other stuff that we took out of this compromise bill, that they’re not going to do it.”