PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN ON Wednesday offered up a massive $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan that would usher in a new era of government spending and engagement on projects that have been neglected or delayed while expanding the very idea of “infrastructure” to include a host of domestic needs.

“It’s not a plan that tinkers around the edges. … It’s a once-in-a-generation investment in America,” Biden said at a speech at the Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center. “It’s the largest American jobs investment since World War II. It’s big, yes. It’s bold, yes. And we can get it done.”

The plan – billed as an investment on par with the Interstate Highway System and the space race – would address traditional infrastructure projects, such as modernizing 20,000 miles of roads, repairing more than 10,000 bridges and improving the electrical grid, broadband and water supply pipes to reduce lead in drinking water.

But it also goes further in its definition of “infrastructure” to address social problems. The measure would use federal dollars to expand child care, boost long-term care under Medicaid, offer free access to community colleges and pay for community violence prevention programs, among many other items. Read more