GOP senators say that President Joe Biden has informed them he’d be willing to accept an infrastructure package of around $1 trillion, significantly lower than the White House’s public offer last  week.

Two key GOP negotiators — Sens. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Roger Wicker of Mississippi — both indicated on Tuesday that Biden has signaled openness to that price tag, a reason why they plan to make a counteroffer around that amount on Thursday, even as there are still sharp disagreements on how to pay for the massive proposal.

“The President indicated he would accept that number,” Wicker told CNN, referring to $1 trillion.

The upcoming Senate GOP offer is a sign that negotiations with the White House aren’t over yet even as talks are teetering on the edge ahead of a Memorial Day deadline. GOP negotiators met Tuesday behind closed doors, telling reporters that they planned to offer a new infrastructure proposal Thursday that will approach $1 trillion in part because they believe the two sides could find agreement there.

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