WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Thursday praised news of a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas, bringing to an end nearly two weeks of violence in the region.

In a roughly three-minute speech at the White House, Biden said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had informed him that the country had agreed to “mutual, unconditional cease-fire to begin in two hours.” Biden said that the Egyptians had informed the U.S. that Hamas had also agreed to the cease-fire.

“In my conversations with President Netanyahu, I commended him for his decision to bring the current hostilities to a close within less than 11 days. I also emphasized what I’ve said throughout this conflict: the United States fully support Israels’ right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks from Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorists groups,” Biden said.

Biden said he spoke with Netanyahu six times over the past few days and assured him Thursday of his “full support” to help “replenish” Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. Biden said he spoke with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “more than once.”

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