President Joe Biden arrived in New Hampshire Tuesday for the first time since his 2020 primary-election shellacking, this time with a resounding win in tow: the newly signed $1 trillion infrastructure plan that he hopes to sell across the nation in coming weeks.

While Biden left the state in February of 2020 before polls had even closed on his fifth-place Democratic primary finish, he returns now as president, eager to talk up the billions in investments in upgrading America’s roads, bridges and transit systems that he signed into law Monday.

Biden is down in the polls but hopes to use the successful new law to shift the political winds in his direction and provide fresh momentum for his broader $1.85 trillion social spending package now before Congress.

The president held a splashy bipartisan bill-signing ceremony Monday for hundreds on the White House South Lawn, where lawmakers and union workers cheered and clapped.

“America is moving again, and your life is going to change for the better,” Biden promised Americans.

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