The White House on Thursday shot down the idea of forming its own presidential commission to study the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, saying it is Congress’ “unique role” to carry out that investigation.

Democrats all the way up to President Biden have expressed dismay that they did not score 10 Republican Senate votes to reach the 60-vote threshold necessary to pass legislation to create a bipartisan Capitol riot commission. Some had suggested the president wrest power from Congress and form his own commission.

“As the President has said, the events of January 6th were an unprecedented assault on our democracy – and he believes they deserve a full, and independent, investigation to determine what transpired and ensure it can never happen again,” Psaki said in a statement to Fox News. “Congress was attacked on that day, and President Biden firmly agrees with Speaker Pelosi that Congress itself has a unique role and ability to carry out that investigation. Because of that, the President doesn’t plan to appoint his own commission.”

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