The Biden administration is launching a renewed, more nuanced push to tackle a resistance problem of its own — it has more Covid vaccines than people willing or able to take them.

In recent days, officials have leveraged community groups, attempted to lower financial hurdles and utilized top health care officials all in the service of one objective: convincing reluctant folks to get the jab.

The effort comes as local leaders ask for more help from the administration and as questions mount about whether federal regulators have been too cautious in their approach to vaccine safety. And though the administration is deploying an incredible amount of federal resources to solve the hesitancy problem, top health officials concede it may not work.

“I don’t mean to in any way say that I have a total amount of confidence that that 30 percent is going to get their minds changed,” National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins said in an interview, “but I sure hope we have some way to.

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