With another defeat in the courts for President Joe Biden, a simple fact must be acknowledged: The Democratic Party’s top priority is pushing racially discriminatory policies.

On Thursday, a judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing the Biden administration from discriminating based on race or ethnicity when distributing funds from the American Rescue Plan to farmers. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack had defended the policy on the grounds that we must “acknowledge the cumulative effect of discrimination.”

Vilsack’s contention that we must discriminate against people now to address discrimination in the past is not just his own. It is the position of the Biden administration, which, not even six months in, is no stranger to pushing racial discrimination or racial quotas.

It was just last month that another of Biden’s discriminatory policies was blocked by the courts. Biden’s Small Business Administration had been allocating $29 billion in relief funds solely to restaurants whose owners were nonwhite or women. The logic was the same: In Biden’s view, past discrimination mandates present-day discrimination.

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