Latinx hip-hop artist and Kennedy Center Citizen and Scholar Olmeca is finishing a year-long “virtual” residency at the Van Wezel with an in-person performance.

The bi-lingual event, hosted by Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and the Van Wezel Foundation, takes place outdoors on its lawn at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 12.

“We’re proud to be using visual and performing arts representing diverse cultures to reach across divides to engage students, educators, families and community members,” Kelli Maldonado, director of Education and Community Engagement at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, said in a news release. “Olmeca was the perfect artist to kick off our IDEA initiative and we look forward to celebrating this opportunity with the entire community.”

The Van Wezel Artist residency was part of IDEA — standing for inclusivity, diversity, equity and access made possible through donations from the Van Wezel Foundation and Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

“The initiative strives to teach and create with cultural appreciation in mind, believing that art can increase student empowerment, destroy negative stereotypes, promote innovation.

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