A new action-packed promo clip for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Widow film shows the ass-kicking ways of Natasha’s first, avenging family. A new promo clip for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Black Widow film shows that Natasha Romanoff’s first avenging family was not one to pull any punches or tolerate bad jokes.

The latest 30-second Black Widow clip, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube, opens with a somber Natasha voice-over stating, “The Avengers were not my first family.” The clip then shows Yelena questioning why Natasha came home in the first place, with Natasha answering, “We have unfinished business.” While Natasha’s family sits at the dinner table, a snarky Alexei, aka Red Guardian, comes out in his super-suit, bragging, “It still fits.”

Quickly, the clip pivots to showing non-stop action scenes ranging from one-on-one combat, jumping out of buildings and running from explosions. The clip closes with Alexei telling Natasha and Yelena that Black Widow “should have brought the Avengers.” In reply, Yelena punches him in the face as she flies a helicopter. Alexei replies, “Good punch, honey.”

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