The country singer still can’t believe he’s in a relationship with Gwen Stefani even though they have been together for years at this point and they are even engaged to be married! Blake Shelton is in disbelief that the singer chose him. It’s no secret that Blake thinks Gwen is way out of his league!

One insider shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Blake has always been in disbelief that Gwen is with him. He has always joked but also meant it that she’s way out of his league and he cannot believe she has chosen to be with him. They have a very healthy and happy relationship and truly love one another.’ This insider report comes ahead of their nuptials that could be happening any day now. After all, they are legally required to!

The reason why is that Blake and Gwen filed for a legal marriage licence earlier this week, on Tuesday, and, as per the law in the state of Oklahoma, they have to tie the knot within 10 days, which means July 9, at the latest! ‘Gwen and Blake are so excited to get married. They have wanted this for awhile and couldn’t wait to officially be husband and wife,’ the same source went on to tell the news outlet. Other reports say that the artists are most likely going to become husband and wife on his Oklahoma ranch where previously, Blake even built a chapel just to propose to her!