As consumers call for a more honest and natural approach to beauty, luxury beauty retailer Bluemercury’s raw, personal #showusyourbag campaign, which launched on Thursday, emerges at just the right time.

Running across Bluemercury’s e-commerce website and social channels, Show Us Your Bag contains a series of photos, videos and question-and-answer sets centered on the idea of creating a more honest definition of beauty. The products featured are used by a diverse cast of real people — 13 men and women of various ages. This, along with the company’s integration of the buy-now, pay-later payment option Klarna are meant to appeal to the inclusive and diverse shoppers that make up Gen Z,  the top consumer group in 2021.

“Bluemercury has always been focused on a personal connection and [the notion] that beauty is unique to every individual,” said Tracy Kline, Bluemercury’s svp of marketing and merchandising, in reference to the “evergreen” campaign, which will run through the rest of 2021.

Bluemercury launched with Klarna in April, and the feature has been helpful in reaching younger customers, said Jeff Genette, CEO of Macy’s, which owns Bluemercury. It’s seen an overall “higher spend per visit” and increased acquisition of new younger customers (currently, 45% are under age 40), Genette said during the company’s first-quarter 2021 earnings relesase.