Netflix dropped its bombshell new documentary on Britney Spears and the web of alleged lies and control tactics spun around the pop star to keep her conservatorship in place.

Many stunning allegations were made in the film, helmed by Erin Lee Carr and Jenny Eliscu, as they spoke to Spear’s former manager Sam Lutfi, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, and old assistant/friend Felicia Culotta, and many others who were all once in the singer’s inner circle.

One of the more shocking claims was when Eliscu read from documents that detail how Spears was allegedly mistreated while working on “The X Factor” in 2012.

Spears had a $15 million deal for the star to serve as a judge on the talent competition series but an alleged medical evaluation while under her conservatorship said that the deal caused Spears “undue pressure.”

Her manager at the time, Larry Rudolph, reportedly pushed forward and claimed that backing out would look bad and fuel rumors of Spears being unwell.

Precautions were reportedly put in place to help Spears, including the “mandatory” presence of her then-fiancé Jason Trawick on the set.