I love to fish tournaments — big, small, middle size, regional or national, it doesn’t matter.

Even though my speed and dexterity has gotten more limited, I feel I can still compete and have found what I might have lost power fishing I have gained with stick-to-itiveness, determination and skills I may not have had earlier. Experience is very important and the fish don’t know if I’m 16 or 60.

There are two types of tournament fishermen. Those who fish free with gut and experience, and those who read, study and use the tools. The real good ones are a cross of the two

As I have said many times, you can complain about the technology or you can learn it. That covers everything for rods and reels to electronics. Because someone invests in better gear doesn’t necessarily mean that they will fish better or win more if they don’t learn and use them. And even then, having the latest super-duper gadget or gizmo doesn’t make the fish bite. You still have to know how to catch them.

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